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09. Jun 13

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So if you used Cutivate say it

Cutivate cream is a fluticasone steroid that is used as a topical solution to reduce inflammation and itching caused by a variety of skin disorders including eczema, contact dermatitis, and psoriasis.

27. Apr 13

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hello my friends I use Novynette for 3 weeks

Novynette is a hormonal contraceptive drug that contains the combination of 2 hormones, ethinylestradiol and desogestrel as its active ingredients. This oral contraceptive pill belongs to the classifi...

22. Apr 13

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Бронировать гостиницу в Ки...

Гостиница в центре Кишинева Elat предоставляет конференц-зал гостиницы в Кишиневе для проведения семинаров, к...

15. Apr 13

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A better breathing with Spiriva

The light green capsule that is contained to complete the whole set of Spiriva HandiHaler contains tiotropium bromide as its active ingredient and lactose monohydrate as its inactive component. The ca...

02. Apr 13

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Dysport is administered intramuscularly in the aff...

Dysport was originally developed for the treatment of neurological and ophthalmic conditions in the early 1990s in the United Kingdom and has established clinical success. Patients with excessive swea...

04. Mar 13

Book hotel in chisinau to win fantastic surprises

Hotel in centru Chisinau - Elat ofera 12 camere spatioase si confortabile, echipate si mobilate ultramodern. Camerele sunt dotate cu aer conditionat, sistem de incalzire, TV prin satelit, acces nelimi...

03. Mar 13

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The Pharmacological action of Neo-Penotran

One vaginal suppository of Neo-Penotran contains metronidazole 500mg and miconazole nitrate 100mg. The medication is made by the pharmaceutical company Bayer Schering and comes in the form of vaginal ...

06. Feb 13

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Lumigan helped me restore my eye sight

Lumigan contains the active ingredient called Bimatoprost that belongs to the class of prostaglandin analogue medication. The pharmacological action of this prostamide substance lowers intraocular pre...

09. Jan 13

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Synvisc walk safely

Synvisc is an elastoviscous solution that contains the sterile mixture of 3 substances; hylan A fluid, hylan B gel and salt water. The first two components are natural substance derived from rooster c...

05. Jan 13

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Don’t believe it, Emla Cream is a fake

Emla cream is primarily used for minor surgical procedures such as taking blood samples, vaccination, cleaning leg ulcers, skin grafting and inserting intravenous catheter. I is also use in procedures...


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